ai.type Keyboard 5.0 – As Productive as a Physical Keyboard, as Live as Only A Top Virtual Keyboard Can Be

viagra without prescription buy viagra online canada ai.type is happy to share the new ai.type keyboard 5.0 for Android! This new and exciting upgrade introduces a classical TrackPoint that we all know from physical laptop keyboards, and live animated themes that can only be implemented on a virtual keyboard.


The new version introduces an inventive cheap generic viagra TrackPoint that emulates the physical TrackPoint usually found on laptops, implemented on a virtual keyboard. Users can now use a red dot in the center of the keyboard to move from one point to another in a text or a message in an easy and precise way.

The TrackPoint is located between keys and doesn’t occupy extra space on the keyboard layout, it moves according to the keyboard language, to allow the best position allocation in between keys. It is smart enough to distinguish between a random click on a key “behind” it and between deliberate click on the TrackPoint itself.

It’s also “pressure” sensitive so as far as you stretch it longer it will run faster, this helps to get fast movement and high accuracy. It can also be used to move between fields without getting your finger from the keyboard, and in the very near future, it will be used to select, copy and paste text strings.

One of the advantages of a virtual productive keyboard is the ability to make it look as you want, so we added some juice into it by making the background viagra without prescription live, vivid and animated. We introduced few classical active keyboard themes:

  • From the beginning of the CG edge we took the famous Amiga bunch ball demo, famous if you’re old enough to know the Amiga computer itself 🙂
  • A newer classical Windows 95 Mystify screen saver.
  • And finally, one of the most well-known animated scenes of The Matrix.

You don’t need to know all of these historical design facts to enjoy these themes, just select them from the Theme Gallery to make your keyboard alive and shine. You can also use one of 5 animated effects and add them to your favorite background, or use with more than
40,000 (!) themes available in our theme market, how about taking your home picture during winter and letting live snow drop on top of it?

And what more?

  • It’s now possible to backup all themes, your personal vocabulary and settings to google drive.
  • We will surprise you on your birthday with a special and happy animated birthday theme.
  • We took a chance to tune up our UI by improving the main page Material design, stretching the settings and sidebar and re-design our Theme Gallery.
  • We also improved prediction correction and fixed many bugs.


We strongly recommend you to check it out yourself! ai.type Keyboard 5.0