6 Ways to Improve Productivity and Type Faster with ai.type

We live in a fast-paced world where everybody is multi-tasking moving from one place to the next. It has become increasingly important to manage our time and make sure we are making the most of every moment of our day. Did you know that the average American spends 162 minutes on their phone? This time can be easily cut-down using shortcuts and features from third party keyboard apps like ai.type that offer creative solutions to help make your life easier and more productive. The following are some helpful tips to decrease the time spent typing on your phone’s ai.type keyboard:

1. Swipe Instead of Type


Swiping has become a new phenomenon to hit virtual keyboards in recent years. The idea behind swiping is that you move your finger across the keyboard to each letter of a word without lifting it and word will appear on your screen. This new software has the ability to guess the word that you are “swiping” and if done correctly can be significantly quicker than typing. Initial developers believed that swiping could achieve over 50 word per minute and you can try it out and see for yourself!

2. Use Built-In Contacts

A new feature that has been recently developed allows you to sync your contacts to your ai.type keyboard so that they are stored in the keyboards memory. With this function, the keyboard completes the name of the contact that you are typing, while also offering the details of the contact including email and phone number as options to add to your message. Have you ever had to exit a message in order to find a contact and manually copy-paste his or her phone number into a message? With the built-in contacts feature you can easily access these details from your keyboard to save you time and a hassle.

3. Resize Keyboard


Do you have 20/20 vision? Most people don’t, nor do they have fingertips that are the size of peas. It’s therefore easy to accidently press on the “j” letter when you meant to press on the “k”. Most of what slows down our typing is the fact that we misspell words and need to erase everything to start over again. Resizing your keyboard makes it easier to press the correct button and keep those spelling errors to a minimum.

4. Enable Auto-Completion


If you didn’t already know, modern technology has the ability to read your mind, literally. ai.type’s artificial intelligence technology not only knows how to guess the next word you are about to type, but also learns your personal style of typing and phrases/words and you most often use. That way, ai.type can predict and complete your sentence without you even having to lift a finger, well almost. This will save you a great deal of time and effort the next time you have to type out your favorite word, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 😉

5. Enable Auto-Correction 


As we mentioned before in our previous blog post, a large percentage of American adults still have difficulty spelling simple words like “embarrassed” or “liaison” and if it wasn’t for autocorrect, these people would either be sending a message with a mispelled word, or pausing for a few moments to look up the correct spelling (if they cared enough). Furthermore, even if you do know the correct spelling but your fingers can’t just get the letters right, in most cases ai.type will know what word you are meaning to type and autocorrect the word for you. Autocorrect is aurguably the most helpful and time-saving keyboard features that there is.

6. Use Emoji Scrollable Layout

Many of us have experienced the perils of going through each tab of the emoji keyboard to try to find that perfect emoji for a message. Would the umbrella emoji be in the flower tab, or the bell tab? The first page, second, or fifth? And what do the images on those tabs actually stand for?!. ai.type has now come out with a new feature to enable a scrollable emoji layout that has all of the emoji characters on one tab. You can easily scroll up and down the large screen and find your favorite emoji in only a few seconds.

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