ai.type 2.1 Release News – April 2014 – ai.type

ai.type 2.1 introduces the most customizable and productive keyboard for mobile devices, with cool themes that will change your day

The new release changes the app’s appearance based on time of day and includes an action bar with other important features

ai.type’s latest innovative keyboard release, changes its look throughout the day. When you wake up in the morning, the keyboard welcomes you with a fresh sun-rise design. Later in the day, the keyboard changes its appearance to a delightful evening view, and when you go to sleep, it morphs into a midnight skin. These appearance transitions alter user mood, shaking up their daily routine.

Built into this version, the ai.type keyboard features an embedded Action Bar that empowers users to be more productive with the single touch of a button:

  • Emoji – Over 800 Emoji can simply be added to text
  • On Keyboard Calculator – Built-in calculator
  • Built-in Replies – Send a saved text from the clipboard
  • Built-in Shortcuts – Send a pre-defined shortcut
  • Launches Search Engine – Search on terms typed directly in a message using a preferred search engine
  • Grammar Checker – Powered by Ginger Software

Besides the action bar features, the powerful contact submission feature is something that is sure to increase productivity.
“Users always find themselves in a situation where they need to send someone a phone number from their contacts. Until this latest release, users had to search the contact, copy the phone number or email address and then paste it into the message. Now, they can type the contact’s name, and ai.type automatically finds the person and enables them to include and send their details with a single click.”    Eitan Fitusi, ai.type’s CEO

These features bring real value to ai.type’s user base, who already have been enjoying ai.type’s original features such as:

  • Unique next word prediction via crowdsourcing
  • Contextual correction capabilities in more than 36 languages
  • Dynamic keyboard resizing and swiping capabilities
  • 5th row extension for numbers
  • Voice narrations
  • ‘Urban’ designed themes
  • Backup/Restore that provides the ability to restore personal preferences such as writing style, settings, customization and many more …

ai.type version 2.1 is available for download here.

Here is a video of ai.

type 2.1 in action.

Udi Yehezkel
V.P. Business Development

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