ai.type Announces The Launch of Its Free Keyboard App for iPhone and iPad, Aims to transform the messaging experience

The ai.type keyboard, already among the top 10 productivity apps in over 40 countries, is a fully personalized keyboard for smartphones, tablets, that completely fits to each individual user’s style.


October 11, 2014 – Following ai.type’s continuous success on Android with over 20 million users, aitype announces its long awaited advanced keyboard app for the Apple iOS8 operating system, aiming to transform the messaging experience in the Apple ecosystem.

Already among the top 10 productivity apps in over 40 countries, the ai.type keyboard is a fully customizable and instinctive keyboard for smartphones, tablets. The personalized experience enables:

  • Auto-correction and prediction of the next word the user is going to write.
  • Machine learning of the user’s unique writing style over time — improving predictive and auto-correction options.
  • Personalized touch through themes and emojis.

Now available through the Apple App Store, the ai.type keyboard app combines unique self-learning technology with advanced text prediction and completion algorithms, greatly improving user typing experience and efficiency.

By combining advanced capabilities, an attractive and fun layout, along with state-of-the-art algorithm to improve writing efficiency, the ai.type has become an invaluable productivity app for millions of consumers and businesses.

“With a goal of creating an app that can almost ‘read your mind’, we have developed an intuitive keyboard that makes typing a uniquely personal experience, allowing the user to express themselves exactly the way they want to,” says ai.type Co-Founder and CEO Eitan Fitusi. “Not only do we reduce the time people spend typing on their devices by around 40%, but it is also a tool that greatly improves and facilitates communication for people with disabilities,” he explains.

Among the customizable aspects of this free app, users can resize the keyboard on their device to optimize the working area, choose different free keyboard themes, change colors, background pictures and keyboard patterns, and even edit the keyboard to house personalised shortcuts.

“With the skyrocketing increase of messaging through smartphones and tablets — ai.type keyboard looks to continuously improve its customizable and advanced interface to remain at the forefront of improving the messaging experience,” says Mr Fitusi.

With a continuing growth of more than 1 million new users per month around the world, the app’s revolutionary Artificial Intelligence software and complex mathematical algorithms seek to intuitively improve its core ‘Next Word Prediction’ and ‘Completion’ features for the iPhone and iPad.


ai.type offers a revolutionary solution for typing on touchscreen devices.

We’re out to reinvent how people type on their touchscreen devices, and our moto is “Your message. Your style.”

Combining unique technology that utilizes Artificial Intelligence and complex mathematical algorithms, ai.type has established itself as one of the most innovative and established keyboard app companies. With over 20 million users and 1 million monthly downloads on Google Play, ai,type has connected dozens of millions of users from over 100 countries around the world.

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