ai.type Keyboard 2.0 Plus – Android’s Most Popular Keyboard Now on iOS

In June of last year, ai.type launched their first ever keyboard for iOS in a free version. After over 25 million users in Android in recent years, ai.type has transformed the writing experience on smartphones and tablets. Now, ai.type has finally created the plus version of iOS which offers over 30 supported languages, cloud prediction and correction and thousands of keyboard themes to choose from in the theme market.


Language Support
It’s now possible to type in almost any language you know on ai.type for iOS. Easily switch between languages by swiping the space bar right or left. There are a large number of popular language packs to choose from including: English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, and many more.

Auto Prediction and Correction
ai.type’s advanced cloud-based correction and prediction function learns your style of writing as you type- so you can complete words and your typos will be corrected automatically. Say goodbye to those funny messages for good! The cloud based engine is constantly being updated and will soon even be able to predict the next word you type- allowing you to type MUCH faster.


Keyboard Resize
Ever clicked on the wrong key by accident because the letters were too close together? Now its possible to resize the ai.type keyboard on iOS up and down so you can enlarge the keys to your liking and comfort.


Theme Market
Perhaps the most exciting new feature on iOS’s plus version is the introduction of the Theme Market. Users are now able to replace their keyboard’s ‘look & feel’ with only two clicks. Thousands of themes are avaialble and uploaded every day from different users creating their own unique and creative keyboard backgrounds. It’s also possible to set an image as a background photo from the web or your photo library.


Don’t miss out on all of the exciting new features on ai.type’s plus version 2.0 for iOS, and if you haven’t already, try it out for free and see if you like it!
Free version::
Plus version:

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