ai.type Partners with Uber to Promote First Free Ride

ai.type is featuring the app-based transportation company Uber to offer users a coupon for a free ride through the keyboard app. Users can redeem the coupon for the free ride that appears on the screen when it is most relevant to them, and can then use the offer by signing up to the Uber app. This new feature is only available on ai.type’s new version which was launched at the beginning of last month.


This new innovative type of advertising has become popular with apps recently. Taking advantage of time where opportunities arise for the message to be pertinent for the user. For example, if somebody would type “Should I take a taxi?” the word taxi would automatically trigger the ad and serve the user an ad that is useful to them. The offer is available in the US and can be used in urban areas where the Uber app opperates.

Uber is a company based in San Francisco that is transforming transportation is many large metropolitan areas. Connecting riders with drivers through the app takes out the hassle of waiting for a taxi outside and having to pay in cash. Uber and other companies are constantly looking for new and creative ways to reach their target audiences. ai.type, through its text-based algorithm offers this innovative solution and is the perfect platform for these collaborations.


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