ai.type Reaches 20 Million Users on Google Play: A benchmark worth celebrating



Last weekend we had a celebration in our office for passing the 20 million user mark on Google Play for Android. There was champagne, cake, and a lot of smiles and jokes around the office. This is a great feat, as a the company has been around for over three years in the Android world and the response to ai.type has always been positive and growing. The milestone truly elevates the app to a different category, with the rest of the big players in virtual keyboards, because Google doesn’t regularly reveal this info. Moreover, 20 million users is only counting Google Play, and there are a number of other app install sites that are not counted in this number and contribute to our growing user base, and that’s a great achievement!

Looking towards the future, we are excited for the launch of version 3.1 for Android this week, as it continues providing users more control over their experience while making it fun at the same time. The launch of the iOS version was also a great success and we are continuing to add new features to the app and expand the user base. Our goal is to continuously improve the virtual keyboard which can almost “read your mind” and make writing a process which has never been easier and more personaized for users on a mobile or tablet. The more users we reach and lives we are able to improve, the more of a reason to celebrate! 🙂






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