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ai.type Partners with Uber to Promote First Free Ride

ai.type is featuring the app-based transportation company Uber to offer users a coupon for a free ride through the keyboard app. Users can redeem the coupon for the free ride that appears on the screen when it is most relevant to them, and can then use the offer by signing up to the Uber app. This new feature is […]

ai.type Announces Version 4.0 for Android

After the anticipated release of version 3.0 and the success of the new Theme Market feature, ai.type has taken the Theme Market to the next level and included a number of exciting new features in its version 4.0. Auto Custom Key and Emoji Perhaps the most anticipated feature on verion 4.0 is the auto custom key […]

The History of Emojis: Our Favorite Keyboard Characters

Emojis have become an important way for our new generation to express themselves. Instead of writing full sentences or phrases like “I love you”, “That’s funny” or “How exciting”, these words have been replaced with a happy face, a heart. or a balloon. Keyboard apps like ai.type have also programed an “auto-emoji” function that can […]