Musician and entrepreneur cooperates with ai.type

MamonWillIAmSMJust wanted  to update you about a nice article that was published  last week ,  in Yedioth Aharonot , a largest daily distribution newspaper.


The article talks about a famous American Musician and entrepreneur , who developed a unique smartwatch , the dial, of which we tailor made the keyboard for  his watch.

It says that a small StartUp named ai.type developed for and his company I Am + , a keyboard for their SmartWatch , which competes with the rest of the smartwatches in the market, and the keyboard is tailored made to fit the watch , with technology and display. Then , it refer to the company and the achievements of the company so far.,7340,L-4784359,00.html


Get  a FULL Version of ai.type keyboard  ,  for FREE – NOW

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New version includes:

– New built in Message Box & Emoji Art Box!- Be the fastest and smartest typist,use thousands of ready-made messages & emoji arts for every occasion!
– Unlimited emoji use- works perfectly with our new Emoji Art FunBox
– Accent key in top row
– New prediction logic – more accurate and smarter prediction,correction,completion of words
– New category & search in theme market-to search from 80,000 themes
– Autotext, Clipboard redesign
– Next word prediction of Emoji
– Faster loading
Bugs fix & performance

Please approach with your friends Email address, after they’ve install ‘ai.type keyboard’ from Google Play, and redeem your coupon.
To Download press the link below: launches dial: Exclusive preview of his new smart wrist device with ai.type keyboard inside !!!


ai.type has developed and launched  a keyboard for new smart wrist device – dial .

The Keyboard was developed and tailor made to fit the dial , and works right from the wrist device, just like it was from the user’s mobile phone. With our   predictions, correction , and completion ability , which makes typing  ‘Walk in the Park’ .

From the preview : “There is a virtual keyboard on the 1.63-inch screen if you really must tap out a message, but this is best reserved for when you are correcting something AneedA has misheard. ”

Read exclusive preview on :


ai.type Keyboard 2.0 Plus – Android’s Most Popular Keyboard Now on iOS

In June of last year, ai.type launched their first ever keyboard for iOS in a free version. After over 25 million users in Android in recent years, ai.type has transformed the writing experience on smartphones and tablets. Now, ai.type has finally created the plus version of iOS which offers over 30 supported languages, cloud prediction and correction and thousands of keyboard themes to choose from in the theme market.


Language Support
It’s now possible to type in almost any language you know on ai.type for iOS. Easily switch between languages by swiping the space bar right or left. There are a large number of popular language packs to choose from including: English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, and many more.

Auto Prediction and Correction
ai.type’s advanced cloud-based correction and prediction function learns your style of writing as you type- so you can complete words and your typos will be corrected automatically. Say goodbye to those funny messages for good! The cloud based engine is constantly being updated and will soon even be able to predict the next word you type- allowing you to type MUCH faster.


Keyboard Resize
Ever clicked on the wrong key by accident because the letters were too close together? Now its possible to resize the ai.type keyboard on iOS up and down so you can enlarge the keys to your liking and comfort.


Theme Market
Perhaps the most exciting new feature on iOS’s plus version is the introduction of the Theme Market. Users are now able to replace their keyboard’s ‘look & feel’ with only two clicks. Thousands of themes are avaialble and uploaded every day from different users creating their own unique and creative keyboard backgrounds. It’s also possible to set an image as a background photo from the web or your photo library.


Don’t miss out on all of the exciting new features on ai.type’s plus version 2.0 for iOS, and if you haven’t already, try it out for free and see if you like it!
Free version::
Plus version:

ai.type Partners with Uber to Promote First Free Ride

ai.type is featuring the app-based transportation company Uber to offer users a coupon for a free ride through the keyboard app. Users can redeem the coupon for the free ride that appears on the screen when it is most relevant to them, and can then use the offer by signing up to the Uber app. This new feature is only available on ai.type’s new version which was launched at the beginning of last month.


This new innovative type of advertising has become popular with apps recently. Taking advantage of time where opportunities arise for the message to be pertinent for the user. For example, if somebody would type “Should I take a taxi?” the word taxi would automatically trigger the ad and serve the user an ad that is useful to them. The offer is available in the US and can be used in urban areas where the Uber app opperates.

Uber is a company based in San Francisco that is transforming transportation is many large metropolitan areas. Connecting riders with drivers through the app takes out the hassle of waiting for a taxi outside and having to pay in cash. Uber and other companies are constantly looking for new and creative ways to reach their target audiences. ai.type, through its text-based algorithm offers this innovative solution and is the perfect platform for these collaborations.


ai.type Announces Version 4.0 for Android

After the anticipated release of version 3.0 and the success of the new Theme Market feature, ai.type has taken the Theme Market to the next level and included a number of exciting new features in its version 4.0.

Auto Custom Key and Emoji
Perhaps the most anticipated feature on verion 4.0 is the auto custom key and emoji. This enables users to peronally customize the keys in the bottom keyboard row of the app. For example, if you frequently use the smiley emoji, you can program it to permanently be on the bottom left side of your ai.type keyboard, so you can reach it quickly and easily.  This was one of the most requested features by ai.type users because it really tranforms the keyboard to more personalized and user-friendly.

customekey2                     customkey

New App Interface and Free Daily Theme
Get inspired every day with ai.type’s new app interface that showcases free daily themes that other users around the world create and share. The theme market was a feature launched in ai.type’s last version and with its popularity the developers decided to add it to the front screen of the app. The themes are updated each day and you’ll be able to download the theme directly from the screen or get creative ideas for your own ai.type keyboard theme!


Theme comments and shares
Not only is it possible to rate a theme between 0 – 5 stars, now you can leave comments on themes and share them with others! This new feature allows users to be become interactive with one another and leave positive feedback in the comments section. Love a theme so much you show somebody else? Share it with ai.type’s new feature that enables you to email themes to your friends and family.

comments                comment1


Background Image from Web
Now you can choose the background image of your keyboard directly from the web. Instead of searching for that perfect photo for your keyboard theme and then saving it on your phone, you are now able to search directly from the ai.type app. ai.type also allows you to crop the photo yourself so you can quickly and easily choose your favorite image as the background theme for your keyboard.

web        web2


UBER X ai.type
Want to earn a free ride with UBER at a $30 value? U.S. users can type the words “car”, “taxi”, or “uber” into their ai.type version 4.0 keyboard and see an ad that pops up with an option to redeem the coupon. This is ai.type’s first collaboration with the car service and it’s an exciting new partnership for both companies.


ai.type Offers Virtual Keyboard App for Amazon’s Kindle Fire

ai.type is one of the first keyboard apps available on the App Store for Amazon’s Kindle Fire. In August of last year, ai.type paved the way for third party apps on this platform. With the new release of ai.type’s version 3.5 for Amazon’s tablet, all of the app’s latest features are available and create the most user-friendly, helpful and personalized keyboard for Kindle users.



Theme Market
What can users expect when they upgrade to ai.type on their Kindle Fire? Perhaps the most exciting new feature ai.type brought this year was the launch of the Theme Market where users can upload their own keyboard themes that they create themselves and share them with others. Then, users can rate each other’s themes and download from more than 15,000 themes that other users have crafted from around the world.

The Auto Emoji feature enables users to add emojis according to context. This helps save time and adds a bit of each user’s own personality to each message. In addition, over 1,000 emojis are now available to select from, so you can always choose the right image for the right message. Now, there is also an easier way to scroll through the emoji section with ai.type’s new scrollable emoji layout. Instead of clicking through each section tab, you can easily breeze through all of the emojis and choose the one you want quickly and easily.

New Design
Android’s new Material Design offers responsive animations and transitions, padding, and depth effects such as lighting and shadows. ai.type has also updated the layout of the keyboard itself to include a one-handed typing feature. This feature moves the keyboard to one side of the tablet so that it is easier to reach all of the characters and type seamlessly with one hand.

ai.type offers over 50 languages in the new version 3.5 including Simplified Chinese. The new version allows users to input Chinese characters by entering the pinyin of the character and then presents a list of possible characters with that pronunciation. This feature has been in the works for quite some time now and our developers are excited about its launch, as well as the reach of a much larger audience that speaks and types in Chinese all over the world.

Have you tried out ai.type’s new keyboard for Amazon’s Kindle Fire? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below, we’d be happy to hear your feedback! Click here to download.