Common Spelling Mistakes: The Autocorrect Feature at its Best

Are you a good speller? There are over a million words in the English language, less than half of them are actually used on a daily basis.  Even so, the chance that the average person can spell each one of these words correctly is highly unlikely. In fact, according to a study conducted by the London-based Spelling Society, over 50% of America’s adult population can’t spell simple words like “embarrassed”, “liaison” and “millennium”. Now, you might say that this phenomenon is occurring in recent years because of the growing dependency on spell check and autocorrect functions. On the other hand, autocorrect has improved the lives of millions by enabling them to spell correctly throughout their daily lives, whether it be in a simple text message to friends and family or an email to their boss or an important client.




There are some difficult words to spell in the English language, but there are some commonly misspelled words that most people just can’t seem to get right and that autocorrect continuously works to correct. Here is a short list of 12 of the most popular words where autocorrect is often in action:


  1. acceptible acceptable
  2. camoflage camouflage
  3. consience conscience
  4. disipline discipline
  5. greatful grateful
  6. jewlery jewelry
  7. minature miniature
  8. ocassion occasion
  9. publicaly publicly
  10. relevent relevant
  11. seperate separate
  12. untill until


You’re probably asking yourselves now, why can’t English be as simple as Spanish or Italian? In those Latin languages one can usually predict the pronunciation of a word from seeing the spelling and predict the spelling of a word from hearing it pronounced (so called “two way phonemicity”). Although we can’t turn back time to the 18th century when the first dictionary was published to make sure the spelling makes sense- we can make our lives easier by letting autocorrect get the job done for us. After all, how are we ever going to remember to remove that extra “l” in until or add that “c” in occasion? 🙂 Are any of these mistakes ones that look familiar to you? What words do you most commonly use autocorrect for? Let us know in the comments section below.

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