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Most Common

How to add or remove words from user vocabulary

after typing a words it will be save in your vocabulary .to delete a word from the vocabulary press and hold the word in the suggestion delete and the word will remove from the vocabulary

I can’t see emoji , why?

Probably it’s a problem with the andriod , please check out the video for more help

Changing language and layouts

enter the language tab end edit the language you would like to use


how do I Delete Characters (away from cursor)

Press and Hold the Shift key , and press ‘Back Space’ at the same time.
The charcters away from the cursor gets deleted.

how do i Delete word from ‘User Vocubulary’

Press and Hold on the selected word to be Deleted.
Press the ‘Delete “word” from Dictionary’ to delte the word, or X to leave it in the dictionary.

How do i Edit AutoText short cuts

by edit autotext shortcuts we can change our shortcut for words.Enter the a.i.type settings,click on prediction tab.Check the shortcut that you like to edit and click on the edit button

how do i backup and restore MyType

by backup and restore mytype we can remove or save our words that we used a lot.enter the a.i.type settings,click on prediction tab . Click on the restore or the backup ai.type data

Correction / Completion

how do I use Auto correct + Back to enter

by enable auto correct if you typing a word with a speling mistake it will correct it automaticly.Check the auto-correction button under the prediction tab

how do I use Auto complete

auto complete is automatic complete of a word.Check the auto-completion button under the prediction tab


how do I use Bottom Rows Keys Display

by press bottom row customization we can enable several of features .press the bottom row customization button under look&feel tab.

how do I Show voice to text key

by press voice to text key we can say our text instead of writing the Show voice to text button that next to the space button.

Fun Factory

how do I use A.I.type deafult

a.i.type deafult keyboard is the genuine keyboard of a.i.type.pressing the keyboard theme under the look&feel tab and chose the a.i.type theme

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