mobileCore from ironSource Now Monetizes Android Services, Not Just Apps

mobileCore from ironSource Now Monetizes Android Services, Not Just AppsironSource customized the mobileCore platform to enable ai.type to earn revenue from their free Android keyboard, without disrupting their users’ experience.

Tel Aviv, Israel (PRWEB) January 14, 2014

World-leading digital distribution company, ironSource announced today that it has customized the SDK of its popular Android app platform mobileCore for use with ai.type’s free Android keyboard.

ai.type is a world-leading Android keyboard, enabling next word prediction, completion, correction and spelling and grammar check as the user types. It’s among the 10 leading productivity apps in over 35 countries.

ai.type offers both unpaid and premium versions of its app. As ai.type runs as a service on Android devices, it cannot display ads beyond the boundaries of the keyboard. Many users of the trial version of the service upgrade to the paid version, but the company was limited in how it could monetize users that did not upgrade.

With the mobileCore integration, following a trial period a promotional button on the word prediction line is shown to those ai.type users that had not yet upgraded to the paid version of the service, and who the company determines using statistical data, is not likely to upgrade.

The promotional button offers an app for download. This allows ai.type to earn revenue from frequent users of their service that they otherwise would not be able to monetize. This raised overall revenue dramatically, without affecting user experience.

ai.type CEO & Founder Eitan Fitusi said, “Working together with mobileCore has definitely paid off. Our overall revenue has grown by about 25% using the mobileCore platform.”

ironSource Head of Mobile Itay Riemer added, “Our partnership with ai.type encouraged us to push our creative thinking to develop an entirely new solution with lucrative results. This is what mobileCore is about – finding new, transparent, user-friendly ways to support gifted app developers.”

mobileCore will present its platform and solutions at AppsWorld 2014, booth 159, February 5-6, 2014 in San Francisco.

About ai.type

ai.type develops smart input software with advanced context aware, cloud based features. aitype’s Android Keyboard is installed on over 10 million devices around the world and enables next word prediction, completion, correction, spelling and grammar check as you type.

About mobileCore

mobileCore is an app monetization and distribution platform focusing on user engagement. mobileCore is developed by global digital delivery company ironSource, and offers a number of tools and services for mobile app developers to distribute and monetize their applications. With rich experience and data driven systems, the mobileCore team creates solutions that fit independent developers and huge brands alike. Learn more about mobileCore at

About ironSource

ironSource, a world leading digital distribution company, offers a complete ecosystem for downloadable applications including all aspects of user acquisition, conversion, monetization, integrated analytics and optimization. ironSource platforms include installCore, mobileCore, AfterDownload, CAST and kudosKit. Founded in 2009 and based in Tel Aviv, Israel, ironSource is a privately held company backed by Carmel Ventures, an affiliate of the Viola Group. For more information, please visit us at

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