Personalize Your Keyboard with ai.type’s Theme Market

We all love what we can personalize, especially when it comes to our day to day accessories and gadgets. The colors and themes that we choose seem like tiny choices but they are a huge reflection of our personality. Those little accents are the small difference that can make our day, and if we are able to choose the color and style of our phone cover, we should be able to personalize the style and look of our keyboard. After all, we do stare at the screen of our phone throughout a good portion of our day.

With the release of version 3.0, ai.type has added on the theme market feature which has allowed users to be able to customize their very own keyboards and share them with others. The theme market is a feature that a large number of users have voted for and has quickly become one of the most popular tools on the keyboard app.

swank theme by lol on ai.type's theme market

swank theme by lol on ai.type’s theme market


You can customize your ai.type keyboard in a variety of different ways. First off, change your keyboard’s background by importing photos from your camera roll or an image gallery. Upload a photo of your family, dog, or even an inspiring quote to get you motivated each day. You can then change the font style and size with a wide range of different font styles available.

Once you have a finished product that you are proud of, it’s time to show it off! Create a name for your masterpiece and upload your customized keyboard to ai.type’s theme market. The theme market currently has over 12,000 themes that ai.type users have personalized and uploaded themselves. With over 30,000 theme downloads per day, there’s a chance that your theme will be found by others and even featured on the most popular or top rated list.

ThemeRatedcropped    ThemePoplularcropped

Think somebody else’s theme is a masterpiece? Give them 5 stars! With ai.type’s latest version you can now rate other themes (and your own) on a scale of 1 to 5 and the themes with the most stars will be featured in the top rated section of the theme market. The most popular section shows the themes with the most downloads. Who knows? You might even become famous, or even get just featured on ai.type’s Facebook page 😉


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