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ai-Keyboard is a smart keyboard for Android powered devices, enables a faster and engaging typing experience.

ai-Keyboard is an easy to use, super smart keyboard to replace the standard one on your Smartphone or Tablet. AI-Keyboard automatically predicts your next word, allowing you to type Faster, throughout a highly engaging experience.

Our unique self-learning technology, allows us to precisely predict billions of words on a daily basis. The ai-Keyboard will learn to understand your pattern of typing, predict the next word, complete or correct words AS YOU TYPE!  We also enable you to customize your experience based on your own style of typing.

Check out our FREE version for android Smartphones or Tablets or get the FULL version.

Main Features

  1. As-you-type Prediction, Correction and  Completion capabilities.
  2. Embedded grammer tool (Powered by Ginger)
  3. aitype’s unique SWIPE typing tool
  4. Integrated search tool, enabling you to initiate search from everywhere
  5. !@#$ – unique colors and animation to  make typing even faster, fun and engaging




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